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Is There A Hidden Qabalistic Occult Meaning To The Great Seal of The United States of America?

The Great Seal

The symbolism of the Eagle on the great seal of the United States is astrologically connected to the Zodiac sign Scorpio. This sign is located to the reproductive organs and the physical forces that function in the human body. This force must be controlled and constructed before one reaches their true potential or vision of one self. The Eagle was a symbol of the spiritual higher vision, apparently the eagle is the only animal that can look directly into the Sun.

The olive branch now is a symbol for peace, since United States was supposedly establishing on “Peace”, which is why the Eagle is facing the Olive Branch. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 July fourth, and 13 is the sum in the digits “76”. Notice the 13 Berries, 13 leaves, 13 Arrows, 13 letters in the word “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and the 13 Stars. The number 13 Qabalistically is the value of the Hebrew noun “Achad” (A Ch D) which is a divine name in Hebrew meaning “The one”. Thirteen is also the value of the word “Ahebah” (AHBH) meaning “Love” this word is significant considering from St John’s word himself, “God is Love”. The arrows also signify “Aim” or Target to denote intention or will.

The meaning of the number 1 denotes “Unity and 3 loves”, by looking at the arrows we may notice the true meaning of the American symbol, for instance the colors on the shield “Red, white and blue” are symbols and colors of the planets, Red for “Valor” which is connected to (Mars), White for Purity (Moon) and Blue (Jove or Jupiter) for justice. Nevertheless, when connecting the Hebrew letters to the symbols and Planets: e.g. Mars is connected to the Hebrew word “Peh” and the Moon to “Gimel” and Jove or Jupiter to “Kaph” according to the Tarot. In Hebrew Gematria the Value of Peh is ”80″ and Gime “3” Kaph “20” which gives us the total of “103”, this is the number of the word ” Ehben-Ha-Adam” (ABNHADM) meaning “The Stone of Adam”.

The Perfect Red Stone

In alchemy, it means “The Perfect Red Stone” which is also the same square stone of Freemasonry that signifies the perfection of Humanity. Interestingly it is also the value of the verb “Gawnan (GNN) meaning “To Guard, Protect, Shield” which is the perfect meaning connected to the Shield. Another interesting point is that 103 is also the value of the Hebrew noun “Bonaim (BNAIM) a rabbinical word meaning “Builders, Masons” it seems like the colors of the shield are signifying and connected to the great Fraternity of the Freemasons. The 32 feathers on the Eagle corresponds to the 32 paths of wisdom on the Qabalistic tree. The Other wing has 33 which signifies the degrees of Freemasonry, adding up 33+32=65 or 5 times 13 this is the number of the divine name “Adonai” and the Hebrew word “HIKL” meaning “Temple” of course connecting to Freemasonry. The Golden crest on top of the Eagle is the symbol of the Sun or Sol in Latin which is symbolically connected to the Hebrew word “Resh” meaning “head”.

The Thirteen silver stars are connected to the moon again and tied to the Hebrew word “Gimel” and Blue for Jupiter “Kaph”. Adding the value of these words Resh, Kaph and Gimel which are 200, 20, and 3 coming up with 223, this is the number of the word Abrek or Abrac” meaning “Father of tenderness” taking the first letter “AB” meaning “Father” and “RC” or Roke means “Tenderness”. You will notice how this can be connected to the Rosicrucian’s “Frater R.C” the initials giving in the “Fama Fraternitatis” which Is to say that “Tenderness or compassion is the true character of a true Rosicrucian”. “Abrek” according to “The Book of Splendor” means “the Sun is joined to the Moon, towards which all bows down”, apparently this is the meaning of the Crest, to the Freemasons they have the Power of “Winning the faculty of Abrac”. You can see how this is also a relation to the Fama fraternitatis of the Rosicrucian’s, they also agree that letters R.C should be their Seal.

Triangle or Pyramid

The Eye on top of the triangle or Pyramid is connected to the Hebrew “Ayin” for “Eye” which gives us the value “70” plus 3 considering there’s 3 sides of the triangle it comes up to “73’ the value of the Sephirah on the Qabalistic tree “Chokmah (Ch K MH) meaning “Wisdom”. 73 is also the numeral value of “Gimel” this letter which starts with a ”G” can be connected to Freemasonry, in other words the eye represents Wisdom. Since 70 is the value of the word ‘Ayin” Meaning Eye is also the number of “Adam and Eve” (ADM V CH V H) . Considering there’s a plethora of material here to explain about the Great Seal lets return back to the number 13 and the Eagle, using Tarot the number 13 is related to the “Death card” which is associated with “Scorpio or the Eagle”. The 13 arrows and the 13 leaves gives us the sum “26’ number of “YHVH” ( Yod He vau He) these four letters are connected to the elements and the Zodiacal signs. Taurus being the second sign, Leo the fifth sign, Scorpio or Eagle the eighth sign, Aquarius eleventh sign, adding these gives us “26’ again the number of “YHVH”.

The Declaration

Interestingly the Declaration of Independence was signed at 2 O’ clock on July 4, 1776 and when doing the astrological chart of the United States, the sun sign is in Cancer, its ascendant is “Scorpio or Eagle” and the moon or descendant is in “Taurus the bull” and mid haven is “Leo the Lion” opposite to Leo or Nadir is “Aquarius”. These are the four fixed signs of the Zodiac mentioned in the book of Ezekiel. Is it possible that certain individuals who were part of a secret society purposely picked these hidden symbols on the dollar bill? Are these symbols describing a hidden secret about the future of the United States of America? Is it also possible they picked the date and time purposely on the day the Declaration of Independence was signed?

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