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Inner Attunement with One’s Outer Work

Inner Attunement with One’s Outer Work


Rembrandt, The Alchemist.

Have you ever cleaned out your long over due messy garage or basement or attic, and placed all into order, cleaned all your nick knacks and things you even forgot you had, giving them places in areas and on shelves. Then when all is sparkling clean, neat, orderly, you sit down and admire the place. You feel the cleanliness and you feel the Godliness, you feel the Chi flowing in the place. Before you go to bed you take one more look.

“Study what thou art,
Where of thou art a part.
what thou knowest of this art,
That is what thou truly art.
All that is without thee,
Also is within.” -Solomon Trismosin

elevated  In your ritual of cleaning and purifying your outside space, you have also cleaned and purified your inner space. Can you imagine what initiatic potentials then there are in the actual experiments in purifying, elevating,exalting and transforming the principles and essentials of matter? As Miester Ekhart has said, “the whole reason of the work rests in that it take place in me, what avails it if it does not take place in me?”. One day during a very special work, I truly became elated when I beheld the wonderfully beautiful and crystalline, volatilized salts of Rosemary, as they revealed themselves in their pristine, most immaculate purity, in the upper heaven section of the retort. These most minuscule particles took on wings as they became spiritualized, and as microscopic angels, flew upwards towards heaven. A wonderful oneness had developed between myself and my experiment as I found myself truly within the retort with my salts. What was transpiring within the retort was also transpiring within my inner being. The physical barriers between the retort and the Self had faded, and now I understood Hermes when he said, “from earth it ascends to heaven, and descends new born to earth”, as is revealed in the Emerald Tablet.

Through my intensified attunement with the process, a harmonious and sympathetic resonance was set in motion, and the alchemical process had spilled over into my inner being as an inner initiation. Again I had touched something most pure and beautiful in me. I could feel an inner vitality having been purified, cleansed of its grossness, vivified, and elevated. I was once more in heaven, as were my salts in the retort. I had already the purified mercury by which my elixir would have life. I also had the purified volatile sulfur, by which my elixir would have virtue. I now also had the purified, spiritualized and volatilized salts by which my elixir would have a vehicle and garment to dress in and express itself in the world.

By Steve Kalec

Forthcoming Work; Beautiful Alchemy

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