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Seth and Anubis: Ancient Egypt’s Dark Initiation

Ancient Egypt remains a web of magnetic stories and mystic traditions. With the temple of Pharaoh Seti, a priest of Seth, standing as a bridge between the mortal realm and the realm of the unseen. This story unravels the intertwined tales of Seth, the God of War, Anubis, his adopted son (not a common interpretation of their relationship), and the life of Omm Seti. Offering a glimpse into a world where initiation and destiny merge in the pursuit of spiritual illumination.

Seth: God of War and Shaper of Fate

Seth who is the formidable God of War in Egyptian mythology, commands a presence that echoes beyond the battlefield. He is not only known for his martial prowess but also as the husband of Nephthys and the adoptive father of Anubis. Anubis is the jackal-headed deity associated with mummification and the afterlife. In the grand web of the Ennead, Seth emerges as a multifaceted figure whose actions shape the destiny of gods and mortals alike.

Seth an Ancient Egyptian Principle of War and Chaos

Seth’s Trial and Ongoing Quest

The trial for the throne of Egypt between Seth and Horus is a pivotal moment in Ancient Egyptian tradition. In this contest, Horus emerges victorious while securing the throne. In fact, until the end of the Pharaonic era, all the rulers used the name Horus as one of their official titles. This event is emblematic of the perpetual struggle between light and darkness. Which echoes the esoteric concepts of initiation and transmutation. In the aftermath of his defeat, Seth embarks on a journey as a demigod, seeking to break the curse he himself set in motion.


Anubis: Son of Two Worlds

Anubis who is the offspring of Seth and Nephthys, emerges as a significant figure in this tale. Born from an unconventional union, Anubis embodies both the celestial and the terrestrial. Anubis welcomes the candidate at the threshold of the sacred into the great initiation called “death”. This principle bridges the gap between realms. He is the conductor and guide into the afterlife. His themes are initiation and transition.


Omm Seti’s Path of Discovery

Dorothy Eady, or Omm Seti, enters the narrative as a modern-day disciple of ancient Egyptian mysteries. Her profound connection to her past life propels her to the Holy City of Abydos. Here Anubis presides as a guardian of the threshold. Omm Seti’s journey mirrors the age-old Hero’s Journey, as she unveils the teachings of the mystery schools that lay dormant for millennia.

Omm Seti
Omm Seti Collage by Simple Kelly

Osirion: Secrets of the Dark Underworld

Mother of Seti,’ found herself drawn to the heart of Abydos. A realm often likened to the lair of the jackal-headed divine principle, Anubis. So, Anubis, or perhaps Set, the harbinger of darkness, seemingly beckoned Omm Seti to this mysterious site. Here, within the depths of the Osirion, lie concealed secrets of an arcane underworld. Abydos is a place that played a pivotal role in the resurrection tradition of Osiris. In the oldest versions of the story, from the Pyramid Texts , it says that Set murdered Osiris in Abydos and left him lying on the banks of the canal.

“The night was man’s first necessary evil, our oldest and most haunting terror,”

Robert Erich

Horus’ Tale: Moonlit Journey to Pega the Gap and the Jackal’s Gaze

Intriguingly, Horus, a modern Egyptian man who lives in Abydos and dedicated disciple of the late Omm Seti, once shared a remarkable tale. He recounted a sacred journey that was undertaken beneath the moon’s silvery reflection. An interesting thing to note is that the mountain surrounding the Gap has a crescent moon shape! Here he undertook the delicate task of relocating her remains to a place known as ‘Pega the Gap’—an ancient Egyptian burial ground reminiscent of the cosmic Milky Way.

As the moonlight painted shadows, Horus found himself face-to-face with a jackals gaze. Oh, and by the way! Horus said that the local Jackals are green and this was the first all black Jackal he had ever seen. Jackals are sentinels of the afterlife. Was this the spectral presence of Anubis, the guide of souls? Could it be an embodiment of Set’s principle?

The narrative weaves an intricate dance of shadow and light, where Horus carried out Omm Seti’s final wishes. Her soul wishing to be under a Stargate and in the company of the early dynasties of Ancient Egypt.

 Anubis Black Jackal
Black Jackal: Anubis

Anubis’ Presence: Opener of The Way

Ultimately, Omm Seti’s physical form found its resting place where the jackal had led. A fitting conclusion to a life that straddled the boundary between the mundane and the mystical—a journey that mirrored the ancient rites and beliefs of Egypt’s revered past.

“To follow the god to his abode, In his tomb…Anubis sacrifices the hidden mystery of Osiris. (In) the sacred Valley of the “Master of Life” (Osiris). It is the mysterious initiation of the Master of Abydos!

Ancient Egyptian Text

The Temple of Pharaoh Seth /Seti: A Gateway to Wisdom

Pharaoh Seti’s temple embodies more than just its physical presence. It serves as a vessel through which the ancient wisdom flows into the mortal realm. A didactic teaching if you will. Abydos was a “House of Life”. A library and scribal school. This is where healing/ magical books were compiled and written. People who were ill would spend the night inside the temple to receive “therapeutic dreams.”

Abydos: Light and Shadow photo of Karina

Seth: Quest for Freedom

Seth’s ongoing quest for liberation was fueled by his curse and the desire to transcend his shadowy reputation. His path parallels the initiates’ journey towards enlightenment. This mutual pursuit underscores the eternal struggle between light and darkness, mirroring the journey of the soul. From matter into spirit. Passing from one gate to the next. You can see the many gates or portals at Abydos built by Seti as entrances into sacred space.

The stories of Seth, Anubis, and Omm Seti collide to reveal a thread of initiation, transmutation, and the endless pursuit of wisdom. Within Egypt’s mystical time print, lies a potent reminder that our quests for illumination mirror the journeys of gods and demigods alike. As seekers, we traverse the thresholds of light and shadow, guided by the wisdom that echoes through the corridors of ancient temples and the sacred tombs of time.

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