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The Death of the Magi (Ahpu)

The Death of the Magi (Ahpu)

AhpuThis narrative relates to how our psychological defects (the Lords of Xibalba) assume ownership of the transcendental values of our soul, by the killing the Magi (Ahpu).

“The four messengers of Xibalba told the Magi (Ahpu) they should present themselves at the underworld to face the Lords of Xibalba on a game of ball. The Magi (Ahpu) asked for the opportunity to say their goodbyes to their mother Ancient-Concealer (Ixmucane) and to the sons of Supreme-Master-Magi (Hun-Hunahpu). Ancient-Secret (Ixpiyacoc) and Bearer-of-Monkeys (Ixbaquiyalo), had died”

The death of Ancient-Secret (Ixpiyacoc) – meaning our Being, the Father who is in Secret – and Bearer-of-Monkeys (Ixpiyacoc) – wife of Supreme-Master-Magi (Hun-Hunahpu) – is an indication that we constantly shift farther away from the eternal values of the Spirit, that each day we are more inclined to materialism and thus, further away from eternal wisdom, love and its power.

“Ancient-Concealer (Ixmucane) cried as her sons said their goodbyes, and they said: ‘Mother, we have not died yet, allow us to depart and we will back at play shortly’. Supreme-Master-Magi (Hun-Hunahpu) addressed his sons by saying: ‘Warm the heart of your Grandmother, warm this home during your absence’, and then they departed”

There are plenty of revolutionary gnostic psychology techniques employed in these enigmatic dialogues; the Grandmother weeps because of the potential fate of her children – suffering for that which has not happened yet – and the phase “we have not died yet”, teaches us we have to learn to live from moment to moment, living the philosophy of present-time, in the remembrance of self. Just as the Masters of Buddhism have taught: “If you walk, walk”; we must bring consciousness into everything we do.

Lamentably we live our days either stuck the past or concerned about the future and thus, in constant affliction and misery. Every Wise Master has insisted us to make an effort of living intensely at the present-time, because every second of our existence is of such vital importance; and not to live a second before or a second after the present-time. The message has always been to live in the now.

At the same time, they suggest that we do not forget of our Divine Mother – to “warm the heart of the Grandmother” – as our Divine Mother is the one who can guide us down the path of the revolution of the consciousness. When we forget about her is when we deviate off the path and fall into mistakes.

The Descent to the Underworld

The underworld, the region of Xibalba, is nothing other than that invisible realm for the eyes of the flesh, but which is so much more real than the physical plane itself, as we spend most of our life in it; the underworld is the collection of our unconscious, subconscious and infra-consciousness.

“Guarded by the four owls, the Magi (Ahpu) embarked to the underworld (Xibalba), and walked past a river of boiling waters and a river of blood, not drinking of their waters, and making use of their blowpipes to help themselves cross the rivers without suffering any harm”

The rivers of boiling waters and blood are our brutal animal passions, which we can both identify easily by simple observation and overcome when putting our willpower into action. We overcome our passions with the correct us of our “blowpipe”, as the correct use of this weapon is a representation of the correct way in which we should make use of our creative energies.

“After descending off cliffs they arrived at the entrance of Xibalba, and leading to it, four paths: one was black, another white, one other yellow, and one other was red. The black path said unto them: ‘Walk this way, as I am the path of the Lord”

In the study of medieval alchemy, we find the very same four colors in the alchemical process itself in the forms of the black crow, the white dove, the golden (yellow) eagle and the red pheasant. These alchemical processes are put into practice through the magic of love and make up the Great Work. Every initiate is given the opportunity to advance spiritually.

The descent down the cliffs to reach the underworld (Xibalba) is a symbol of the opportunity we are given to put into practice the mysteries in our matrimony, but just as the alchemists claim, we must purify the sacrament of love; that which is spiritual must unite with love.

Lamentably, many who start this work get stuck and take the black path; that is the path filled with animal passion. They may start the work, but they never purify the sacrament of love.

“They reached a cavern where Supreme-Death (Hun-Came), Principal-Death (Vucuc-Came) and the ten princes of Xibalba were united in council, and to trick the Twins, they had carved the two supreme rulers out of wood. Upon their arrival, the Magi (Ahpu), deceived, said: ‘Greetings Supreme-Death (Hun-Came), greetings Principal-Death (Vucuc-Came)’; and all in Xibalba burst into laughter, seeing their plan had effectively worked”

Many of us think we already know ourselves, we believe to be great people, humble, serviceable to others, good parents, better children, exemplary citizens; we believe to be tame sheep. But that is what the ego does for us, it leads us to believe such things and in turn, the ego itself laughs at us every time it fools us.

Meantime we are cruel with our children and we physically and emotionally punish them, justifying our actions making ourselves believe we are being just and that what we do, we do for their own good. We are extremely jealous, yet we fool ourselves believing everything we do, we do out of love. We criticize others and justify our slander thinking we do to help guide them into the rightful path. All of this is nothing other than our reactions to the deceptions of our psychological defects at every instant.

“’Here, we have a seat ready for you’ said the Lords of Xibalba to the Magi (Ahpu), and in reality, the seats were a previously heated stone; and when they took seat, the Magi burned. They mocked and made fun of Supreme-Master-Magi (Hun-Hunahpu) and Principal-Master-Magi (Vucuc-Hunahpu), as they believed defeating them was soon to be a done deal”

The stone heated by the ones of Xibalba used to burn the Magi is the very same stone of stumbling, and rock of offence mentioned in the Bible. The heated stone is a representation of the sexual temptations we allow ourselves to get caught into and that because of our daydreaming state, we fail when we face them, falling into adultery with its fatal consequences.

The House of Darkness (Quequma Ha)

The next morning the Magi were to face the Lords of Xibalba on a game of ball, but prior to that they had to spend the night in the House of Darkness. The Lords of Xibalba had set a series of houses to defeat their enemies: the one of darkness, one of coldness, one of blades, one of jaguars, one of fire, and the house of the bat. The first one was the House of Darkness.

“’Spend the night in the House of Darkness and we will play tomorrow’, they said, and sent them with their messengers a staff of resinous pine tree (ocote) and a cigar, so they could provide themselves light throughout the night, and they advised they should return both of these the morning after”

Just like the Lords of Xibalba have many houses to defeat their enemies, so our psychological defects have plenty of systems to lead us into failure, to keep us as their slaves so we can continue to feed them indefinitely.

And one of the systems used most often is the House of Darkness; there is only darkness in that house, and absolutely no light. The light is Gnosis, it is wisdom, the keys to achieve self-realization; the systems that aid us in self-knowledge. The vast majority of the people who live in this world are not interested in these teachings, they reject them as soon as they appear too harsh or too difficult.

And defects take advantage of this to offer us of a false light. The ‘ocote’ is a resinous wood that lights up fast and just as fast, burns out. It provides a short-lived light, symbol of the many false teachings that exist today: of false schools that have no solid foundation and offer a superficial teaching that does not educate on how to disintegrate our defects. These schools do not teach how to transmute our energy and they are not interested in the disinterested service for humanity.

“The next morning, the Magi (Ahpu) presented themselves to the supreme Lords of Xibalba, and were unable to return the staff of ocote and the cigar, so they were condemned to death”

What we are offered from the many schools, religions and philosophies of today will trap us in dogmas, useless theories, vane science, and will lead us into curtailing the values of our consciousness; the Lords of Xibalba (our psychological defects) will absorb us, dominate us and extinguish the few incipient values we still have.

“The Magi (Ahpu) were decapitated and their heads hung from a tree that had never bore fruit; but that night was the most silent night of its time and the following morning, the tree was covered in fruit, leading the heads of both Supreme-Master-Magi (Hun-Hunahpu) and Principal-Master-Magi (Vucuc-Hunahpu), to be blended and concealed within the tree”

This is a representation of the sad moment where we find ourselves in our own existence; our psychological defects have “decapitated” the values of our soul, they have terminated love, conscious charity, humbleness, diligence, altruism, temperance, etc.

“Because of the unexplainable behavior of the tree where the heads of the Magi (Ahpu) were hung, the supreme rulers of Xibalba prohibited any and all access to it”

And so is all of humanity, living their lives so far from the real values of a true human being, lacking interest and disproving of anything that carries the essence of a teaching that can lead to a radical transformation. Humanity lives their lives far from the unknowable truth.

– Jenaro Ismael Reyes Tovar and Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez LLicea, Secret Teachings of The Popol Vuh

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