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The Secret Teachings of The Popol Vuh

The Secret Teachings of The Popol Vuh

Popol VuhThe Maya inherited the Atlantean wisdom and based their teachings towards the development of a common feeling of all beings being a single Being, synthetizing it on the phrase: In lak’ ech a lak’ en (you are me, I am you). This is a reflection of the marvelous force of love, the ability to comprehend others; the foundation of the sacred teachings of all of the world’s great religions and the synthesis of the message left behind by all of the Great Masters.

In the Popol Vuh we come to find the magic of self-knowledge, Gnosis, the internal wisdom that through experience, can reunite us with our own spirit and consequently, with the unknowable Truth. Let’s penetrate, in practice, into the sacred teachings of the Maya, let us discover that within each character represented in the Popol Vuh we will find elements we carry deep within, and let’s illuminate with the light of this ancient wisdom the darkness of our own ignorance.

Popol Vuh literally means “the Book of the Council” or “the Book of the Community”. The Maya accustomed to resolve all important issues through council under the primary authority of a council of elders; in “community”, it was the responsibility of the parents to transfer this millenary wisdom unto their children, and that is how they managed to deliver wisdom from lips to ear, from master to disciple.In this book, we will focus on covering the second part of the Popol Vuh titled “The Magi” (The Lords of Ahpu).

Magic is a fundamental element of this second part, as true magic is “the art of influencing over our own interior nature”, as Novalis, the German poet, defines it.The Popol Vuh is an antique writing that consolidates the elements of science, art, philosophy, and transcendental mysticism, which makes it both a practical knowledge applicable to our present time, and as such, its teachings are of use to be of use at every moment of our lives.This book speaks of the birth of a pair of Twins born to divine grace, of how they defeat the force of darkness, overcoming a multiplicity of tests, until they emerge victorious.

The great deeds performed by the Twins Master-Magi (Hunahpu) and Little-Solar-Priest (Ixbalanque), are in reality the titanic task each one of us must realize here and now. The Maya wisdom captured in the gnostic Popol Vuh is a marvelous story as it speaks to the magic of self-knowledge, which will lead us by the hand into the depths of eternal wisdom.

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