Laura Eisenhower Speaks on Hillary Clinton, Transhumanism, & Full Disclosure

Transhumanism: Is Humanity Headed For Enslavement?

As part 3 of 8 in our Adept Initiates presented exclusive interview series, “Ascension Window” we kick off this segment exploring transhumanism and examine the presidential candidates regarding full disclosure from the perspective of Laura Eisenhower, a Global Alchemist, Galactic Historian, Whistleblower, and great granddaughter of former U.S. President, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“If it comes to Hillary Clinton, I’m storming the White House Gates”

– Laura Eisenhower

In the spirit of authenticity, a prerequisite for “Unity Consciousness”, Laura informs us that if it comes to Hillary Clinton, she is “storming the White House gates” and warns us that full disclosure must not come from the criminals and the politicians.


Watch the entire 8 part exclusive interview series “Ascension Window” w/ Laura Eisenhower here on the official Adept Initiates youtube channel

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