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Expansion of Consciousness and the Quantum Event

Expansion of Consciousness and the Quantum EventSacred Geometry

The quantum theory states that for an electron of an atom to jump into a higher orbit, a certain amount of energy is needed to be absorbed by that electron first. That is a certain quantum of energy, “quantum” coming from the word quantity. The electron must absorb the right amount of energy to be able to change its orbit and thus change the atom. This capability is also possible within man.

Only after a certain amount of conscious un-foldings that we will observe a development, attainment, or new realization. In other words inner initiation occurs not gradually but in leaps. That is why illumination occurs only when a certain amount of light (consciousness) has been opened up to and absorbed. That is why Aha! moments and inspiration come in flashes suddenly when we are ready. This works on all levels, even as a change in society as a collective event based on the quantum critical mass.Light Body

This implies that it takes a certain level, a certain number of events, or a certain number of individual dawnings or enlightenments in consciousness, which will create what we call a critical mass event. This will spill over into the collective consciousness and produce a quantum leap of energy, or consciousness Explosion. When such a thing happens, this cannot be stopped, because it has reached critical mass. It is impossible to stop it, it just happens because its time is at hand and the world is ready for this new consciousness.

toroidal flowCritical Mass Event can be compared to a leaking faucet that drips into a bath tub that is plugged at the drain. It takes a long long time, drip by drip the bath tub slowly fills. No great event happens for a long time. But finally the bath tub is filled to its brim, and then it happens. Critical Mass is reached, it only takes one last and final drip. Then half the water spills out of the tub as a great unstoppable event that had no choice but to manifest.

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