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The Blue Blood Moon and The Dreamtime


This next Wednesday’s Blue Blood Moon is shaping up to be stranger than ever!

First Super Blue Blood Moon in 150 Years on January 31rst and it’s coming in hot!

This is the second full moon in one month happening while the moon is near perigee, or its closest approach as it cycles between proximity to and distance from the earth, with a lunar eclipse thrown in the mix too.

There did happen to be a blood moon on June 14, 1946.

Any one have any idea who was born that day?
He’s one of the most well-known people in the world…?

If you guessed Donald Trump, you are right.

If that New Year’s Day Super Moon knocked you off balance, brace yourself because this is a super rare, once in a lifetime event coming up next week, and it will bring with it some incredibly strong energies. I suspect many of us have been and are feeling it already, right now. This celestial event has the potential to bring about a huge shift in the current energies.

Have you been feeling a bit on edge or off balance recently? It’s part of the build up to this ‘new beginning’ stringing us along. If you’re feeling elevated anxiety and like you’re out of place, chances are, you are already being affected. It’s not something you can see, but you can feel it in your bones. This intensity of lunar energies has the capacity to massively affect every human on the planet. Even people who always say that they’re never affected by these types of things are experiencing internal and interpersonal changes. Some people may feel energized and motivated, others might feel overwhelmed, even lightheaded.

2018 is already showing clear signs that this is going to be a year to remember. Clarity and revelations are coming. All the little things that we’re trying to figure out will become known to us and bring rewards if we can just surrender a bit and let these energies do their thing. One can not argue with the universe, so resistance may cause more problems and generate more risks.

The Blood Moon, which is a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon, will in and of itself bring a quickening sensation to us like we’ve never felt before. Those of you who are more spiritual and have been working to cultivate a healthy sense of yourselves may feel encouraged on a whole new level to take big leaps toward the realization of your dreams. Just remember to always believe in yourself. These energies will continue to come in layers. If you are not prepared it will leave you dazed and off-balance every time. Remember that all these changes and all the different feelings and sensations that have been happening within you, all hold meaning. Just stay true to who you are and allow these energies to do what they’re supposed to. Everything will make a bit more sense to you and you’ll see that everything is working out beautifully. In mid-February, the New Moon will return and you should start to feel like yourself again, but with increased awareness and a heightened sense of self.

A Super Blue Blood Moon is incredibly rare. It’s a perfect time to develop your intuition and to avoid materialistic results and focus instead on the development of more subtle energies within.

So hold on and enjoy the ride because the universe is literally conspiring in your favor and bringing gifts.

Cover art by Ryan L. Rios

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