3 Secrets in Nature to Access Your Soul Code

access soul code

3 Secrets to Access Your Soul Code Nature is perfect. The great Rishis, Maharishis and Avatars of India knew this to be fact, and have purposefully incarnated time and time again in order to share what they’ve learned from tireless and selfless study of The Channels of Creation, in order to relieve the suffering on…

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The Greatness of the Sun

eye of ra

The Greatness of the Sun Throughout history and spanning all spiritual practices and worship are the Five Elements of this Creation; earth, fire, sky water and air. Is there a direct correlation between the Sun and the Fire Element as it relates to the study of the Eye of Ra, and Lord Maha Vishnu? The…

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Sacred Geometry and the Divine Feminine

Sacred Mother

Sacred geometry, or Yantra, as referred to by ancient India, is a geometric blueprint or design representing specific energy angles, typically joined by related mantra carrying powerful sound vibration. When the individual has the right access to the combination of mantras specific to that yantra, this sparks an activation to create the potential of very…

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