Anunnaki Mystery Ring Feature

Ancient Anunnaki Mystery Ring is Solved

  Anunnaki mystery ring solved is a claim made before. But Initiates finally see the evidence that should end the debate. We explore a ancient silver bowl used by Druids … Continue Reading →


Laura Eisenhower Speaks on Hillary Clinton, Transhumanism, & Full Disclosure

Transhumanism: Is Humanity Headed For Enslavement? As part 3 of 8 in our Adept Initiates presented exclusive interview series, “Ascension Window” we kick off this segment exploring transhumanism and examine … Continue Reading →


The Emerald Tablets – An Alchemist’s Guidebook

Even a little bit of research into the mysterious text we call the “Emerald Tablets” will quickly leave you baffled. While the translations reveal ancient secrets once known only by Hermetic … Continue Reading →


Secret Teachings From The Manly P Hall Research Library

Secret Teachings From The Manly P Hall Research Library A FIELD TOUR TO THE MANLY P HALL RESEARCH LIBRARY The room was a disaster. Pages of old occult books falling … Continue Reading →


Part 1: Our Fallen Sun-God, Saturnalia

SATURNALIA, THE BIRTHDAY OF THE UNCONQUERABLE SUN: Saturnalia was once an ancient Roman festival held annually as a devotion to our ancient Sun-God, Saturn. Saturnalia celebrations were held in late … Continue Reading →


Ophiucus and “The Hermit”: The Secret of Yvd and the 13th Zodiac Sign

    The Hermit and OPH-IUCUS Ophiuchus /ɒfiˈjuːkəs/ is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Its name is from the Greek Ὀφιοῦχος “serpent-bearer”, and it is commonly represented … Continue Reading →

Da Vinci Magi Code

Da Vinci Magi Code

    Many have marveled at his work but how many have heard about a Da Vinci Magi Code ?  Here we find it’s been hidden in ancient bloodlines going … Continue Reading →

Solomon's Secret Revealed

Solomon’s Secrets Revealed

Solomon’s Secrets Revealed is a mystery that comes from biblical and other ancient accounts.  This Temple was the first great structure on the Holy Land. It was immense in size … Continue Reading →


Music of the Spheres and Our Inner Resonance

  Music of the Spheres: Music of the Spheres expresses mathematical harmonics between different planetary bodies and their orbital patterns in our solar system. Each celestial body produces an orbital … Continue Reading →


The Hidden Sun of Amen-Ra: Anubis and Qvp-Ra

Theologically the Egyptians considered their jackal-headed God Anubis as Upuat, “the opener of the way”, who it is said guarded the Gate of the Underworld, or Duat…the Gate leading into … Continue Reading →