the generation

The Generation and Feeding of the Stone

The true vessel of Hermes is the Auric vessel that contains the psyche. Through meditative and metaphysical practice, our concentration localizes life energy within the higher centers in the head … Continue Reading →

Brien Foerster Examines Elongated Paracas Skull

Elongated Skulls DNA Results Reveal New Species

THE ELONGATED SKULLS OF PARACAS It’s no longer a secret that various elongated skulls have been discovered throughout Peru and Bolivia in the forgotten deserts of these rural areas.  For … Continue Reading →

Lux est forma universalis - Light is universal form

D’Espagnet: the Alchemist who inspired Newton

Jean d’Espagnet (1564 – c. 1637) was a French Renaissance polymath. He was a lawyer and politician, a mathematician and alchemist, an antiquarian poet, and friend of French literati. His 1623 … Continue Reading →

Emerald Tablet replica

CONGRATULATIONS to the Emerald Tablet FREE GIVEAWAY winner Tina Allen!

CONGRATULATIONS to Tina Allen, winner of this month’s FREE GIVEAWAY. Tina will receive the Emerald Tablet replica as part of Adept Initiate’s FREE GIVEAWAY.


The Journey

The Journey For me alchemy is more than just a finished product. It is beyond just making a tincture, a stone, an elixir. For me it is always the journey … Continue Reading →

Akenaten Khemit

Akenaten and The Indigenous Teachings of Khemit (Ancient Egypt)

The Shadow of The Wiser, Akenaten Did religion in Khemit (Egypt) represent only a shadow of the spiritual practices of prehistoric people? According to historians, Akhenaton’s rebellion and his shift toward … Continue Reading →

psychadelic smoke

The Stargate Conspiracy II

The Stargate Conspiracy II We will continue where we left off last time, in the work of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. I find myself saturated in whimsically adventurous assailing … Continue Reading →

Origins of the Magi

Origins of the Magi

Origins of the Magi If an Initiate is looking back to the Origins of the Magi on Earth we could use the Sumerian cuneiform tablets as an example. Many of … Continue Reading →

ars notoria

The Ars Notoria a Supernatural Text

Occult Collection: The Ars Notoria a Supernatural Text Here in this seemingly dismal dark hour, researchers for Adept Initiates are working tirelessly around the clock. Adept Initiates has auspiciously discovered a rare … Continue Reading →

John Anthony West Dead Saints Chronicles

John Anthony West Returns to Egypt and Talks Near Death Experience

Today symbolist author and rogue egyptologist John Anthony West celebrates his 84th Birthday in Egypt where he is reunited with his long time colleague Boston University Geologist Dr. Robert Schoch … Continue Reading →