Is there a Poseidon Anunnaki connection?

Forward: Could Zeus, Chronos, and Poseidon possibly be forerunning characters to our current conceptions and understandings of God, and if so, could they have a direct connection to the Anunnaki … Continue Reading →

Valentine's Day

Esoterica behind Valentine’s Day: The union between Cupid and Psyche

What is the Esoteric meaning behind Valentine’s Day? The esoteric meaning behind Valentine’s Day is best described in the allegorical story of Cupid and Psyche from Apuleius (or Platonicus), originally … Continue Reading →

Spagyria Versus Alchemia

What is Spagyria and what has it got to do with Alchemy ? The word spagyry in Greek means to separate and recombine. Spao meaning to draw out, to divide; … Continue Reading →

Astrology and The Alchemical Stages

How are Alchemy and Astrology interrelated? It can be said that Astrology is the sister science of Alchemy. Many have termed astrology a pseudo-science but others have glorified it. Paracelsus … Continue Reading →

What Can You Discover in The Getty Alchemy Exhibit?

Where can you get access to view some of the awe inspiring Great Work of past Alchemists? We know of  the alchemy exhibit in the Rosicrucian San Jose Museum, and the Prague … Continue Reading →

King Queen Painting Steve Kalec share

The Alchemical Wedding

In my painting our attention is brought immediately to the center where we see the two opposite but complementary forces of nature, the feminine and masculine energies in nature being … Continue Reading →

Win A Pass to CONTACT in the DESERT from Adept Initiates!

WIN A PASS TO CONTACT IN THE DESERT FROM ADEPT INITIATES! We are excited to announce that Adept Initiates is a proud sponsor of Contact in the Desert 2017 and … Continue Reading →

The Stargate Conspiracy V

Heliopolis or the House of Ra was the central religious headquarters of the Pyramid Age, and its theological philosophic rituals. It was the first systematic organization of religion and cosmology … Continue Reading →

snake symbolism

Symbolism of The Serpent

The Bible says of the serpent in Genesis 3:1; ” Now the Serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made “. Never … Continue Reading →

Mythic creatures; Mermaids, Fairies, Salamanders and Ceremonial Magic

The Elementals and The Elements Do you believe in Fairies and Mermaids? Do they really exist? For centuries these elementals or nature spirits have been thought of as pure myth, no … Continue Reading →