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Freemasonry’s Forbidden Ancient Universal Religion Rediscovered

Richard Cassaro

By matching cathedral architecture with ancient temple design, Richard Cassaro shows the universality of the Universal Religion, which is the root wisdom of the Masonic Fraternity and the perpetuation of a life-changing ancient science.

Richard Cassaro has devoted his life to uncovering a lost wisdom tradition that was practiced globally in Antiquity, and which is still visible in the parallel art and architecture of ancient cultures. His new book, The Missing Link, explores the meaning, transformations and propagation of the ancient world’s most important religious icon.

Ancient Aliens Richard Cassaro

His first book, Written in Stone, is a wide-ranging exploration of hitherto-unknown connections among Freemasons, medieval cathedral builders and the creators of important ancient monuments. Cassaro has examined first-hand the ancient ruins and mystical traditions of Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Sicily, France, England, India and Spain; he has lectured on his theories to great acclaim in the United States, Egypt, Italy, Spain and Peru.

In my latest episode of the “Music Marketing Metaphysics” internet radio podcast show we discuss the following topics: Richard Cassaro Written in StoneDecoding the Secret Masonic Religion Hidden in Gothic Cathedrals and World Architecture, Written In Stone, Triptych, God Self Icon, Atlantis, Evidence of Lost Civilization, Freemasonry, Mexico, Egypt, Peru, and the Pyramids.

Richard Cassaro will join Adept Initiates as the special guest co-host for our first-ever community adventure taking place November 12th to 18th , Yucatan, Mexico. Learn how you can be part of this exciting study trip here –

Mysteries of Maya

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