Lucid DreamsLucid Dreams

Imagine if every night when we’d fall asleep, we could consciously slip into an interactive dream together. We could co-create realities each night and explore the deepest corners of our unconscious,together.  We could experience those impossible, contradicting dream scenarios and manifest our wildest dreams, literally.

Lucid dreaming and experiencing the astrals is monumental in the evolution of our consciousness. To be able to explore the deepest, uncharted parts of our mind would completely effect how we exist after we wake up.

Astral Projection

Consciously fall asleep:

When we fall asleep, our minds slip into unconsciousness before our physical body does. Sleep paralysis occurs when the mind is consciously feeling the body falling asleep – and it’s usually quite uncomfortable. For many, there’s an intense pressure that weighs down on you with such force that you feel like you can’t breathe.

You’re in a void of nothingness – yet it’s very much something. Sometime’s when this happens to me I have to force myself awake because it’s still such a scary experience.

The key to lucid dreaming is in this first step. If you can stay conscious during the initial stages of falling asleep – you can consciously control what happens after.When your body falls asleep and you experience sleep paralysis, ride with the experience. Focus on your breathing, feel your physical body and concentrate on that solid feeling.

What happens to me after my body relaxes enough is that I’ll see a small dot in the middle of the darkness. It quickly expands out in every direction, it expands into me and becomes the reality surrounding me. It’s like I zoom into the dream while staying lucid. Sometimes I lose it and wake up, it’s a practice of breathing with your mental movements and staying focused.

Staying Lucid

Staying lucid:

When I’m experiencing a lucid dream, I can feel my body in the dream while simultaneously feeling my physical body. Your astral body is light, buzzing and static. It’s like the edges of your body are static-y and there’s no definite limit to you.

Every time I start a lucid dream I immediately put my face up to something and examine the detail of the ground, an object, anything. It’s usually the ground – I guess it makes me feel grounded.

It does, I feel safe looking down at the beautifully immense detail of this world that is just as real as ours.

Looking at the details of your surroundings can help you stay lucid. Looking down at your body, at your hands and even your face can be an unreal experience. There’s a difference between having a lucid dream, and having your consciousness enter the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is a collection of our thoughts, a complex playground to get lost in, and many do.

Going to the AStralGoing to the Astrals:

The difference between actually merging your consciousness with the astrals and having a lucid dream is essentially experiencing a real time reality. When you come out of your body and you’re floating in your room, and you watch your mom come in to wake you up and you when you do – she’s right there – that’s the astral dimension. Seeing real time experiences take place and waking up and remembering them is an incredible thing to do.

The way to experience the astrals instead of slipping into a lucid dream still lies in the first step of falling asleep.Consciously directing what’s going to happen, and instead of visualizing a dream reality – you pop out of your body to experience this one. You experience the 3D while on the 4D – and it’s beautiful. Everything is coated in a brilliant light – it’s what this world should look like.

When we can consciously fall asleep and interact on the astrals together – we can explore anything and everything (that the mental plane allows for). Imagine consciously exploring exotic planets, moon cities, rainy jungles and the most abstract lands with your best friends.

We could do it with our lovers, our parents, children and anyone ever! To be able to operate on that level of consciousness, we need to be emotionally open, transparent and honest with our intent.

AwareThat takes the practice of being emotionally aware and available on the third dimension to be able to fully open up on the fourth. The influence dreams have over our waking states is increasingly becoming more significant. We gather so much information during our dreams that can help us immensely in our waking states.

The astrals would be an amazing place for us to gather and connect with people that we don’t particularly like on this dimension. It would an incredible healing to really see each other and in that moment – all is fixed.

To feel someones soul, see the process of why they do what they do, understand where they come from and love them anyway – that is the ultimate connection.