The True Origins Of “The Hero Twins”

Oxtotitlán is the name of an archaeological site in the Mexican state of Guerrero featuring an ancient natural rock shelter, containing murals and motifs linked to the Olmec. The Oxtotitlán rock paintings there are said to represent the most sophisticated and earliest rock art paintings known in Mesoamerica thus far. It is not exactly known what…

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Mystery of the Ancient Serpent Rope Solved

ancient serpent rope

  Ancient Serpent Rope Ancient Serpent Rope a mysterious occult symbol attached to the winged disk. We find them on the Sacred Tree Blue Prints all across the globe but nobody knows for sure what they are. One thing we do know is they all share a common representation of knowledge. But what is this…

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Ancient Anunnaki Mystery Ring is Solved

Anunnaki Mystery Ring Feature

  Anunnaki mystery ring solved is a claim made before. But Initiates finally see the evidence that should end the debate. We explore a ancient silver bowl used by Druids that offers a clue to using the Universal Internet. Potentially solving the Anunnaki mystery ring and the occult technology used by Secret Society’s today.  Origins…

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Saturnalia, Our Fallen Sun-God

SATURNALIA, THE BIRTHDAY OF THE UNCONQUERABLE SUN: Saturnalia was once an ancient Roman festival held annually as a devotion to our ancient Sun-God, Saturn. Saturnalia celebrations were held in late December, leading into the winter solstice, called the renewal of lights. It originated as a farmers festival to mark the end of Autumns planting season…

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Sacred Tree of the Magi

Mushezib-Ninurta Sacred Tree

Sacred Tree of the Magi We find a version of the sacred tree in nearly every ancient tradition around the world. Looking farther back at some of the earliest examples on cuneiform tablets we find it under a symbol for God in the winged disk. Making this a cherished image by the first Magi on…

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Planet X – The Secret Meaning to Freemasonry

NASA montage shows Neptune a similar size to newly discovered Planet X

Planet X – The Secret Meaning to Freemasonry News of the discovery of a tenth planet in the distant reaches of our solar system has recently gone mainstream. For decades there have been rumors of this possibility but not until now do we have some real proof. This distant planet was first discussed in great…

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Magi in Malta

Island of Malta

Magi in Malta Ancient Megalithic site on the Island of Malta Some of the mysteries on the Island of Malta include caves , chambers, Elongated Skulls, puzzling cart wheel tracks in solid rock and megalithic ruins built by Giants. Now Initiates can find here a few Magi connections that should help demystify some of the…

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Phoenician Magi

The sarcophagus of Eshmunazar II a Phoenician king of Sidon

Phoenician Magi Phoenicia an ancient civilization shrouded in mystery. Some of what has been uncovered about them in recent years is so incredible it threatens to re write our modern history books. Just as every great nation has their counterpart this could be the one that was in competition with the Sumerians. Plus when we…

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Magi and the Ark

Oak Island Sword

Magi and the Ark Roman Era Sword found on Oak Island in Canada Recently a Roman era sword was found on Oak Island on Canada’s East Coast. Some are left wondering what this could mean because it does not fit into the traditional model of history. But the Initiate that seeks answers to the resting…

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Magi Universal Internet

Ancient Universal Internet Connection Points

Magi Universal Internet Possibly the most coveted of all ancient technology for the initiate is a connection to the Universal Internet. Even though our understanding of the potential of a modern internet is in its infancy the idea can be found in many ancient text as well. Best example of its power is the account…

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