The Death of the Magi (Ahpu)


The Death of the Magi (Ahpu) This narrative relates to how our psychological defects (the Lords of Xibalba) assume ownership of the transcendental values of our soul, by the killing the Magi (Ahpu). “The four messengers of Xibalba told the Magi (Ahpu) they should present themselves at the underworld to face the Lords of Xibalba…

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Magi Sky Ritual

Magi Sky ritual

Magi Sky Ritual Owls predators of the night, but honored by many ancient cultures and secret society’s alike. For those Initiates that seek the reasons for this they may have at long last found it here. In Tibet and Mongolia there is a Sky Ritual where the body of the deceased is placed on a…

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Who Are The Magi?

Who are the Magi? Some say the Magi are one of the world’s oldest mystery traditions with unimaginable powers. God within a winged disk, sacred tree, holy bags, Anunnaki, even the light body are all glimpses of their teachings. What has been labelled as occult is actually like a common thread in every culture pulling…

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