How Can We Practice Detachment To Attain Happiness?


Happiness: Subjective Or Objective What makes people happy? What makes YOU happy? Think about it for a bit, amongst the many variables in our lives were you able to dredge out an answer that you felt one hundred percent sure about? Is having more money, better health, or a better education a route to happiness?…

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The Sacred History Of The Rosicrucians – Part Four (Hermeticism)

hermes trismegistus

Explore the heritage and importance of Hermeticism… in THE SACRED HISTORY OF THE ROSICRUCIANS. This is the fourth episode in a nine part series produced by Adept Initiates founder and researcher Anyextee. Learn more about the Rosicrucian order, AMORC here

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The Rainbow Body – Rainbow Bridge Connection

Rainbow Body

Light: In order to understand our spiritual evolutionary process, it helps to have an understanding of how light spectrums works. A single ray of white light can be broken into the seven primary colors, which are essentially seven different waves of vibrating frequencies on the light scale spectrum. Each vibrating wave of color within the…

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The Blood Of Osiris,DMT, and The Acacia Tree


A Spiritual Journey I may be somewhat daring to reveal a spiritual journey I experienced due to my alchemical preparation of the “Stone of Antiquity”. This is an ancient Egyptian process and is a technique older than the first Egyptian Dynasty. The Osirian Myth greatly reveals this secret as Acacia trees grew and flourished around…

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Esoterica behind Valentine’s Day: The union between Cupid and Psyche

Valentine's Day

What is the Esoteric meaning behind Valentine’s Day? The esoteric meaning behind Valentine’s Day is best described in the allegorical story of Cupid and Psyche from Apuleius (or Platonicus), originally told in his Metamorphoses (also called The Golden Ass), written in the 2nd Century AD. The theme of the story describes in detail the souls…

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Astrology and The Alchemical Stages

How are Alchemy and Astrology interrelated? It can be said that Astrology is the sister science of Alchemy. Many have termed astrology a pseudo-science but others have glorified it. Paracelsus is quoted as saying, “Know that there are two kinds of stars-the heavenly and the earthly, the stars of folly and the stars of wisdom.…

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Symbolism of The Serpent

snake symbolism

The Bible says of the serpent in Genesis 3:1; ” Now the Serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made “. Never is he called evil. The allegorical fall of man and his expulsion from Eden, in fact was the involution of spirit into matter. The same…

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Mythic creatures; Mermaids, Fairies, Salamanders and Ceremonial Magic

The Elementals and The Elements Do you believe in Fairies and Mermaids? Do they really exist? For centuries these elementals or nature spirits have been thought of as pure myth, no more than children’s fables. But to Paracelsus they were very real and he grouped the elementals in four categories: gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders. Perhaps you…

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New Years Resolution(s) and The Power of Mind


The New Year in the Gregorian calendar is celebrated in the beginning of January but it is on New Years Eve when most people outline their New Year resolution(s). The resolutions are usually aimed at making a substantial change in the way that we live wether it be in the exoteric or esoteric realm. It…

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The Tree of Knowledge and The Christmas Tree

christmas tree-knowledge

What is the symbolic meaning of the Christmas tree? Some people are creating trees of knowledge each Christmas by stacking books on top of each other. People who opt for the alternative do it because they are bliophiles, for decoration, out of genuine concern for mother nature, and others to fight consumerism/corporations. Yet the esoteric…

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