The True Origins Of “The Hero Twins”

Oxtotitlán is the name of an archaeological site in the Mexican state of Guerrero featuring an ancient natural rock shelter, containing murals and motifs linked to the Olmec. The Oxtotitlán rock paintings there are said to represent the most sophisticated and earliest rock art paintings known in Mesoamerica thus far. It is not exactly known what…

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Mystery of the Ancient Serpent Rope Solved

ancient serpent rope

  Ancient Serpent Rope Ancient Serpent Rope a mysterious occult symbol attached to the winged disk. We find them on the Sacred Tree Blue Prints all across the globe but nobody knows for sure what they are. One thing we do know is they all share a common representation of knowledge. But what is this…

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Mystical Dream Analysis Part 1 -Psychic


Dreams can be a “royal road to the unconscious”, as Freud believed. Freud deciphered dreams as repressed material that surfaces when the defense of the ego is lowered. Now, does this necessarily mean that if you dream of killing your father you have turned into Oedipus?There is another side to dream analysis that deals with…

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Ancient Anunnaki Mystery Ring is Solved

Anunnaki Mystery Ring Feature

  Anunnaki mystery ring solved is a claim made before. But Initiates finally see the evidence that should end the debate. We explore a ancient silver bowl used by Druids that offers a clue to using the Universal Internet. Potentially solving the Anunnaki mystery ring and the occult technology used by Secret Society’s today.  Origins…

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Elongated Skulls DNA Results Reveal New Species

Brien Foerster Examines Elongated Paracas Skull

THE ELONGATED SKULLS OF PARACAS It’s no longer a secret that various elongated skulls have been discovered throughout Peru and Bolivia in the forgotten deserts of these rural areas.  For decades the validity of the skulls has been a point of contention among mainstream scholars.  Most Archaeologists have refused to even investigate the authenticity of…

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Did Frida Kahlo’s Romance with Mysticism Influence her Art?

Frida and Olmecs

 Did Frida Kahlo’s Romance with Mysticism Influence her Art? It is said that Diego Rivera (Frida’s husband) was a prominent member of the Rosicrucian Quetzalcoatl lodge located in Mexico. His painting “La Serpiente Emplumada” or “The Feathered Serpent”, still hangs in the Quetzalcoatl lodge till this day. He is quoted as saying that he only…

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IMMORTALITY Baudelaire said, “Alchemy is the distillation of the eternal from the transient.” Mary Ann Atwood has said, “And this is the Grand Hermetic Secret, that there is a Universal Subject in nature and that subject is susceptible of nourishment in Man; and this is the greatest mystery, of all mysteries the most wonderful, that…

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Ancient Potholes Mystery

Potholes Mystery

Ancient Potholes Mystery Looking at the Ancient Potholes Mystery  we may have the greatest clue for cutting rock. Not just cutting it but solving how the ancients drilled holes into solid granite. Now Initiates get a behind the scenes look at the Potholes in Milton Ontario to see the evidence left behind. For these holes…

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Can We Harness the Power to Heal Ourselves by Understanding Original Sound Code Frequencies of Creation Used by the Ancient Egyptians?

ancient sound frequencies

Frequencies of Creation Did you know that the healing frequency of 432 is also reflected in ratios of the sun, Earth, and moon? Now we’re discovering what the ancients have known for millennia – music also has the power to heal. Native Americans have used music and chanting as way to treat and protect against…

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Magi Magic

Magi Magick

Magic Magic After reading a few of the other hallmarks of the Magi one has to wonder what is responsible for their namesake. Are there some really incredible things a Magi can do that inspired the term magic? Next we will explore one the most powerful methods of training used by The Magi. It involves…

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