Expansion of Consciousness and the Quantum Event

Sacred Geometry

Expansion of Consciousness and the Quantum Event The quantum theory states that for an electron of an atom to jump into a higher orbit, a certain amount of energy is needed to be absorbed by that electron first. That is a certain quantum of energy, “quantum” coming from the word quantity. The electron must absorb…

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Divine Creation

Astral Projection

What power does each individual no matter their socioeconomic background, their race, their creed, their ethnic background all have in common? The ability to take the nothing of nothing and create it into something extraordinary. From the petite and iota to the colossal and gargantuan, what the human mind is feasibly capable of creating is…

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Reality Engineering and Mindfulness

Bill Hicks reality engineering mindfullness

Reality Engineering and Mindfulness Philosopher, stand-up comedian and cosmic-psychonaut Bill Hicks once said, “All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves. …Here’s Tom with the weather.”…

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Dreams of the Ancients

Dreams of the Ancients

Dreams of the Ancients Dreams…What are they? What do they mean? Where do they come from? Multi-disciplined artist and designer, Agnieszka Tarnawska, uncovers and solves the mysteries of dreams and imagination through her work. Inspired by the abundance and beauty of Mother Earth herself, she can never run out of new and innovative ways to…

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The Golden Man

Golden Man

The Golden Man Much has been said about the golden ratio and golden mean of man. Many famous authors like 33rd degree Freemason Manly Hall remark on such circumstances and people relating to such loftier matters, as a continually ongoing process to consistently and constantly make the effort to perform/exhibit these higher virtuosities. Included in…

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Sacred Tree of the Magi

Mushezib-Ninurta Sacred Tree

Sacred Tree of the Magi We find a version of the sacred tree in nearly every ancient tradition around the world. Looking farther back at some of the earliest examples on cuneiform tablets we find it under a symbol for God in the winged disk. Making this a cherished image by the first Magi on…

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Sacred Geometry and the Divine Feminine

Sacred Mother

Sacred geometry, or Yantra, as referred to by ancient India, is a geometric blueprint or design representing specific energy angles, typically joined by related mantra carrying powerful sound vibration. When the individual has the right access to the combination of mantras specific to that yantra, this sparks an activation to create the potential of very…

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Magi in Malta

Island of Malta

Magi in Malta Ancient Megalithic site on the Island of Malta Some of the mysteries on the Island of Malta include caves , chambers, Elongated Skulls, puzzling cart wheel tracks in solid rock and megalithic ruins built by Giants. Now Initiates can find here a few Magi connections that should help demystify some of the…

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Mystery School Roots


Mystery School Roots The tradition of mystery schools began with a Khemitian (Egyptian) king titled Men-Kheper-Ra—Djehuti-Mesu known in Egyptology as Thutmose “III”—who ruled in the 18th dynasty during the “new kingdom” (around 1,500 BCE). His title Men-Kheper-Ra has many translations but could mean “fertility of the dawn and noon.” His other title Djehuti-Mesu means the…

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Phoenician Magi

The sarcophagus of Eshmunazar II a Phoenician king of Sidon

Phoenician Magi Phoenicia an ancient civilization shrouded in mystery. Some of what has been uncovered about them in recent years is so incredible it threatens to re write our modern history books. Just as every great nation has their counterpart this could be the one that was in competition with the Sumerians. Plus when we…

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