Solomon’s Secrets Revealed

Solomon's Secret Revealed

Solomon’s Secrets Revealed is a mystery that comes from biblical and other ancient accounts.  This Temple was the first great structure on the Holy Land. It was immense in size and was rumored to have been built by Angels and Demons. It’s main feature was two large pillars for a front door that later became…

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The Hidden Sun of Amen-Ra: Anubis and Qvp-Ra

Theologically the Egyptians considered their jackal-headed God Anubis as Upuat, “the opener of the way”, who it is said guarded the Gate of the Underworld, or Duat…the Gate leading into the Night protected by Anubis. Anubis was also regarded as the psycho-pomp or ‘he who guides the soul’ along its journey in the Underworld. In…

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The Generation and Feeding of the Stone

The true vessel of Hermes is the Auric vessel that contains the psyche. Through meditative and metaphysical practice, our concentration localizes life energy within the higher centers in the head where the increased vitality quickens. This quickening alters our consciousness gradually, and slowly we become more and more aware of a finer reality, of a…

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The Journey


The Journey For me alchemy is more than just a finished product. It is beyond just making a tincture, a stone, an elixir. For me it is always the journey that I get to embark upon with every experiment. We did inherit from the master alchemists some very interesting and classic experiments, which all would…

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The Stargate Conspiracy II

The Stargate Conspiracy II We will continue where we left off last time, in the work of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. I find myself saturated in whimsically adventurous assailing points on the previously aforementioned authors. Picknett makes her plea worth lamenting upon all that was previously considered with regard to alternative history, alternative Egyptology,…

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The Ars Notoria a Supernatural Text

ars notoria

Occult Collection: The Ars Notoria a Supernatural Text Here in this seemingly dismal dark hour, researchers for Adept Initiates are working tirelessly around the clock. Adept Initiates has auspiciously discovered a rare text that is said to endow the user/reader of such a text super learning abilities. These abilities include mastering any academic topic and perfecting memory. Wow! One…

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John Anthony West Returns to Egypt and Talks Near Death Experience

John Anthony West Dead Saints Chronicles

Today symbolist author and rogue egyptologist John Anthony West celebrates his 84th Birthday in Egypt where he is reunited with his long time colleague Boston University Geologist Dr. Robert Schoch as they continue to dance down the bridge of As-Sirāt. During his special guest appearance on the debut episode of the Adept Initiates presented “Music Marketing Metaphysics”…

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The Light of Diana

light of diana

The Light of Diana In the practice, at times when successful, it is beheld, with my inner vision, the appearance of a myriad of most beautiful iridescent colors just prior to the emergence of an engulfing white luminosity. This of course is an inner event. The alchemical “peacock’s tail” is always accompanied with an elevated…

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Did Frida Kahlo’s Romance with Mysticism Influence her Art?

Frida and Olmecs

 Did Frida Kahlo’s Romance with Mysticism Influence her Art? It is said that Diego Rivera (Frida’s husband) was a prominent member of the Rosicrucian Quetzalcoatl lodge located in Mexico. His painting “La Serpiente Emplumada” or “The Feathered Serpent”, still hangs in the Quetzalcoatl lodge till this day. He is quoted as saying that he only…

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Pyramids, Gold, Sun-worship and Sacrifice

Pyramids, Gold, Sun-worship and Sacrifice   I’ve always been interested in the human story. The questions “Where did we come from and where are we going” have always been in my heart and mind. In 2016 I decided to really start digging into the origins of the human story. What I’ve been finding is making me…

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