One Man’s Cult is Another Man’s Religion


One Man’s Cult is Another Man’s Religion Once upon a time… in ancient times 2,000 years ago to be exact… a carpenter, a prostitute, and 12 other outcasts started a cult that challenged all social values of the time. They believed their leader was God incarnate himself. That he had the power to walk on…

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Magi Universal Internet

Ancient Universal Internet Connection Points

Magi Universal Internet Possibly the most coveted of all ancient technology for the initiate is a connection to the Universal Internet. Even though our understanding of the potential of a modern internet is in its infancy the idea can be found in many ancient text as well. Best example of its power is the account…

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Magi Light Body

magi light body

Magi Light Body All around the globe we have many different ancient Religions. One striking similarity arises, they all apex at a possible next phase of human evolution called the Light Body. Alchemy’s ultimate goal is to transform our body into gold or another expression into light. But with this also comes the warning in…

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Gnostic Christianity

Gnostic Christianity

Gnostic Christianity “Gnosis is knowledge of self, the christ is within you and Gnostic Christianity is a tool to awaken that” It is gratifying to see so many people interested in Gnostic Christianity. Or is it that you are just curious about it? Either way I do hope you carry away something of value today.…

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Freemasonry’s Roots in Greek Mysteries

Freemasonry's Roots in Greek Mysteries

Freemasonry’s Roots in Greek Mysteries     Modern Freemasonry sadly is not what it used to be and instead of using its wisdom to better humanity its used for power and control. Only a select few are given the right to study the knowledge hidden from the world, but if you want to know the…

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Magi Chairs

King Tut VS Lord Pakal

Magi Chairs King Tut VS Lord Pakal Nearly every initiate should by now have heard of the Ancient Astronaut Pakal. His tomb lid is infamous as the number one example of the mysterious powers attributed to ancient times. Did you know we must look no further than Egypt and King Tut’s chair to find a Magi connection?…

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The Secret Teachings of The Popol Vuh

Popol Vuh

The Secret Teachings of The Popol Vuh The Maya inherited the Atlantean wisdom and based their teachings towards the development of a common feeling of all beings being a single Being, synthetizing it on the phrase: In lak’ ech a lak’ en (you are me, I am you). This is a reflection of the marvelous…

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Magi & Holographic Evolution

Holographic Evolution

Since the day Darwin presented evolution some important questions have remained unanswered. Initiates may find here that the Magi offer a controversial version of evolution that fills in the gaps. During the ancient floods of Noah and Gilgamesh animals are brought aboard the ships. But many argue that this would not be enough to properly rebuild. Rightly…

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The Dawn of Kheper

Kheper depiction at Karnak, Egypt. Original Photography by Anyextee

The Dawn of Kheper The Khemitian (Egyptian) indigenous oral tradition, brought forward by Abd’el Hakim Awyan, Indigenous Wisdom Keeper and Archaeologist, teaches that the ancient Khemitians (Egyptians) of pre-history established the original teachings that the sun goes through five daily stages. The stages of the sun coincide with human development, levels of consciousness, degrees of evolution and cycles of…

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Zep Tepi and the Mystery School System of the Edfu Temple, Egypt


Zep Tepi (The First Time) and the Mystery School Teachings of the Edfu Temple (consecrated to Horus) – On the walls of the Edfu Temple, the story of ‘Zep Tepi’ – the ‘first time’ – displays the rule the Archons, who came to Egypt and proceeded to give the people of the Nile the benefits of civilization and…

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