The Three Initiation Stages of The Adept

Initiation Adept

I understand the passage below as the Initiation of man allegorized through the events of the life of Jesus. As we enter the path and have received grace, we begin to share and teach others to enter the initiatic path. It is here that we feed the multitude. This is the reason behind the Sermon…

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The Blood Of Osiris,DMT, and The Acacia Tree


A Spiritual Journey I may be somewhat daring to reveal a spiritual journey I experienced due to my alchemical preparation of the “Stone of Antiquity”. This is an ancient Egyptian process and is a technique older than the first Egyptian Dynasty. The Osirian Myth greatly reveals this secret as Acacia trees grew and flourished around…

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The Tree of Knowledge and The Christmas Tree

christmas tree-knowledge

What is the symbolic meaning of the Christmas tree? Some people are creating trees of knowledge each Christmas by stacking books on top of each other. People who opt for the alternative do it because they are bliophiles, for decoration, out of genuine concern for mother nature, and others to fight consumerism/corporations. Yet the esoteric…

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Winter Solstice-Coming Out of the Darkness

On the night of December 21st we will pass through the longest night of the year. On this night the Northern hemisphere of our planet experiences its most lifeless and darkest time of the year which is known as the winter solstice. Correspondingly, through life’s cycles we do at times enter inwardly into states of…

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The Stargate Conspiracy IV

The Stargate Conspiracy IV Nine Gods continued: The Nine Gods of the ancient Egyptian pantheon amorphously, invariably maintained their rule for centuries. That was until the dramatic and universe-shattering changes implemented by the increasing number of imperialistic societies like that of the Greeks, and consequently the Romans. The final nail in the coffin to what…

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The Meaning of the Rosy Cross

Rosy Cross

The Rose in mysticism and Hermetic Philosophies is a profound symbol of consciousness and the soul personality. It symbolizes consciousness projected into the material form. Consciousness is symbolized in a very apt and beautiful way as a flowering process and an unfolding manifestation. This flowering , blooming and unfolding of its petals in a perfect…

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Is Alchemy a “hidden” art?

alchemists lab

The Meaning of Secrecy in the Work Arthephius has written,…. “But these things are so set down by obscure philosophers to deceive the unwary, as we have before spoken; for is not this “ars cabalistica” or a secret and a hidden art? Is it not an art full of secrets? And believest thou O fool…

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The Stargate Conspiracy III

The Stargate Conspiracy III The Nine Gods: Before digesting Picknett’s percept on the Nine Gods, we must first fathom as is the signature nature of Adept Initiates, the depth and breadth of such meaning. Not to intentionally abstract an already abstract theorem, when sifting through the symbolic mysteries, sometimes vague terminology is used to stoke…

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Mystical Dream Analysis Part 1 -Psychic


Dreams can be a “royal road to the unconscious”, as Freud believed. Freud deciphered dreams as repressed material that surfaces when the defense of the ego is lowered. Now, does this necessarily mean that if you dream of killing your father you have turned into Oedipus?There is another side to dream analysis that deals with…

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Our Sacred Temples

Sacred Temple

“God said let us make man in our image.” In Genesis 2:7, It states, “God formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living Soul.” This is that vital flame of life, which alone burning upright in the human clay animates it and…

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