Does OM Hold Secrets To Understanding Mysteries Of The Universe?


Primeval Sound: Om is the primeval sound of the Universe from which all other sounds are formed. Like the great white light, in which all colors of the rainbow manifest; so too does the fabric of our universe manifest and spring forth from the threefold sound of A-U-M. Om may sounds like two sounds, but…

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The Sacred History Of The Rosicrucians – Pt 5 (Gnosticism and Neoplatonism)

Explore the heritage and importance of Gnosticism and Neoplatonism… in THE SACRED HISTORY OF THE ROSICRUCIANS. This is the fifth episode in a nine part series produced by Adept Initiates founder and researcher Anyextee.   Learn more about the Rosicrucian order, AMORC here

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How Can You Break Free From The Matrix?

What Is The Matrix?  Simply put, the matrix is designed to keep you asleep, to keep you a slave to yourself and to your job. To keep you living a life of fear, to keep you drowning in debt as a superficial commercially driven consumer. To keep you living a mundane existence, completely unaware of…

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Symbolism of The Serpent

snake symbolism

The Bible says of the serpent in Genesis 3:1; ” Now the Serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made “. Never is he called evil. The allegorical fall of man and his expulsion from Eden, in fact was the involution of spirit into matter. The same…

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Mythic creatures; Mermaids, Fairies, Salamanders and Ceremonial Magic

The Elementals and The Elements Do you believe in Fairies and Mermaids? Do they really exist? For centuries these elementals or nature spirits have been thought of as pure myth, no more than children’s fables. But to Paracelsus they were very real and he grouped the elementals in four categories: gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders. Perhaps you…

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New Years Resolution(s) and The Power of Mind


The New Year in the Gregorian calendar is celebrated in the beginning of January but it is on New Years Eve when most people outline their New Year resolution(s). The resolutions are usually aimed at making a substantial change in the way that we live wether it be in the exoteric or esoteric realm. It…

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The Tree of Knowledge and The Christmas Tree

christmas tree-knowledge

What is the symbolic meaning of the Christmas tree? Some people are creating trees of knowledge each Christmas by stacking books on top of each other. People who opt for the alternative do it because they are bliophiles, for decoration, out of genuine concern for mother nature, and others to fight consumerism/corporations. Yet the esoteric…

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Winter Solstice-Coming Out of the Darkness

On the night of December 21st we will pass through the longest night of the year. On this night the Northern hemisphere of our planet experiences its most lifeless and darkest time of the year which is known as the winter solstice. Correspondingly, through life’s cycles we do at times enter inwardly into states of…

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The True Origins Of “The Hero Twins”

Oxtotitlán is the name of an archaeological site in the Mexican state of Guerrero featuring an ancient natural rock shelter, containing murals and motifs linked to the Olmec. The Oxtotitlán rock paintings there are said to represent the most sophisticated and earliest rock art paintings known in Mesoamerica thus far. It is not exactly known what…

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Mystical Dream Analysis Part 1 -Psychic


Dreams can be a “royal road to the unconscious”, as Freud believed. Freud deciphered dreams as repressed material that surfaces when the defense of the ego is lowered. Now, does this necessarily mean that if you dream of killing your father you have turned into Oedipus?There is another side to dream analysis that deals with…

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