Magi in Malta

Island of Malta

Magi in Malta Ancient Megalithic site on the Island of Malta Some of the mysteries on the Island of Malta include caves , chambers, Elongated Skulls, puzzling cart wheel tracks in solid rock and megalithic ruins built by Giants. Now Initiates can find here a few Magi connections that should help demystify some of the…

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Mystery School Roots


Mystery School Roots The tradition of mystery schools began with a Khemitian (Egyptian) king titled Men-Kheper-Ra—Djehuti-Mesu known in Egyptology as Thutmose “III”—who ruled in the 18th dynasty during the “new kingdom” (around 1,500 BCE). His title Men-Kheper-Ra has many translations but could mean “fertility of the dawn and noon.” His other title Djehuti-Mesu means the…

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The Great Pyramid and Jesus

Jesus Pyramid

The Great Pyramid and Jesus The Master Builder=888 We will begin here with two points of reference. First, the Great Pyramid was considered a Unity and as such each of its measures can be shown to be derived from the division of this unity. Second, because of the stripping of external casing stones, and the…

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Magi and the Ark

Oak Island Sword

Magi and the Ark Roman Era Sword found on Oak Island in Canada Recently a Roman era sword was found on Oak Island on Canada’s East Coast. Some are left wondering what this could mean because it does not fit into the traditional model of history. But the Initiate that seeks answers to the resting…

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Does Our Understanding of Egyptology Need a Paradigm Shift?


Does Our Understanding of Egyptology Need a Paradigm Shift Sacred texts have revealed the path of the initiate to be one that is not easily followed, but can be rewarding beyond measure. The greatest figures in history have achieved enlightenment through the self imposed path toward higher consciousness. What can we gleam from the riddles…

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Freemasonry’s Roots in Greek Mysteries

Freemasonry's Roots in Greek Mysteries

Freemasonry’s Roots in Greek Mysteries     Modern Freemasonry sadly is not what it used to be and instead of using its wisdom to better humanity its used for power and control. Only a select few are given the right to study the knowledge hidden from the world, but if you want to know the…

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