The Emerald Tablets – An Alchemist’s Guidebook


Even a little bit of research into the mysterious text we call the “Emerald Tablets” will quickly leave you baffled. While the translations reveal ancient secrets once known only by Hermetic Magicians, Alchemists and other Initiates, the origins of this work are not so clear at all. Conflicting information, confusing speculation and heated opinion surround the…

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Elongated Skulls DNA Results Reveal New Species

Brien Foerster Examines Elongated Paracas Skull

THE ELONGATED SKULLS OF PARACAS It’s no longer a secret that various elongated skulls have been discovered throughout Peru and Bolivia in the forgotten deserts of these rural areas.  For decades the validity of the skulls has been a point of contention among mainstream scholars.  Most Archaeologists have refused to even investigate the authenticity of…

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Robert Bauval Riffs on a Quantum Multiverse

Robert Bauval

MULTIVERSE IN PROGRESS Robert Bauval has been focused on writing a new book as of late, which includes a fascinating new framework for investigating the ancient past.  In our latest conversation, he explained the importance of acknowledging the notion of a multiverse.  Robert also reminds us that an evolving understanding of science is necessary in…

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