Does OM Hold Secrets To Understanding Mysteries Of The Universe?


Primeval Sound: Om is the primeval sound of the Universe from which all other sounds are formed. Like the great white light, in which all colors of the rainbow manifest; so too does the fabric of our universe manifest and spring forth from the threefold sound of A-U-M. Om may sounds like two sounds, but…

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How To Attain Buddhahood Through The Six Dharmas (Yogas) Of Nāropā


THE SIX DHARMAS OF NĀROPĀ: The Six Dharmas of Nāropā are a series of very advanced Tibetan Buddhist tantric meditation practices, compiled around the time of the Indian monk and mystic Nāropa (1016-1100 CE). These ancient and very sacred teachings were conveyed to Nāropā’s student, Marpa Lotsawa. The Six Dharmas of Nāropā also, called the Six Yogas of Nāropā…

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What is the symbolic meaning of The Sacred Ashtamangala?


The Sacred Ashtamangala: The Ashtamangala (ashta meaning eight and mangala meaning auspicious; Sanskrit अष्टमंगल Aṣṭamaṅgala) are a suite of eight auspicious symbols revered for their sacredness in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. Originally they were used in India at ceremonies and coronations for a king, but over time they’ve become embedded within varying cultures, often…

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How Can You Break Free From The Matrix?

What Is The Matrix?  Simply put, the matrix is designed to keep you asleep, to keep you a slave to yourself and to your job. To keep you living a life of fear, to keep you drowning in debt as a superficial commercially driven consumer. To keep you living a mundane existence, completely unaware of…

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Mystery of the Elüsive Tetrad Reveled


Mystery of the Elüsive Tetrad: Hidden within duality is three, however, everything is dual in nature so, three becomes four. This is called a “Tetrad,” a “Tetractys,” or the “Tetractys of the Decad.” The sum of two consecutive triangular numbers (Δ + Δ + Δ ) is both a square number and a triangular square number. Simply put,…

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Metanoia, The Birth of an Initiate

Metanoia: The word Metanoia is a transliteration of the Greek (μετάνοια), and can be defined as a transformative change of heart; especially a spiritual conversion. Metanoia derives from the Ancient Greek word “metá” (μετά: meaning beyond or after), and “noeō” (νόος: meaning perception, understanding or mind), and can take on different meanings, depending upon its contexts. Alchemy Of The Mind: Metanoia is best…

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The Rising Gods of The Lotus Flower


All Souls Emerge From A Lotus Flower: The lotus flower has long been a symbol of spontaneous generation, representing divine birth, spiritual development, and even creation itself. As the lotus flower rises up from unclean water, it emerges pure, clean, and renewed, as does the human spirit. The Mahayana sect of Buddhism maintains that all…

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Symbolism of The Gankyil and How It Can Help Guide Us In Discovering Ultimate Truth


The Gankyil aka Wheel of Joy: The Gankyil also known as “wheel of joy” is an East Asian Buddhist and Tibetan symbol made up of three interconnected, swirling blades. It is very similar to the Ancient Chinese yin-yang symbol, except it usually has three, sometimes even four swirls. The word Gankyil is composed of two…

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The Rainbow Body – Rainbow Bridge Connection

Rainbow Body

Light: In order to understand our spiritual evolutionary process, it helps to have an understanding of how light spectrums works. A single ray of white light can be broken into the seven primary colors, which are essentially seven different waves of vibrating frequencies on the light scale spectrum. Each vibrating wave of color within the…

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The Spring Equinox and Martius The Original New Year In Ancient Rome

Spring equinox

Happy New Year! Martius or Mensis “Moon” Martius, better known today as March was historically our original Lunar New Year in Ancient Roman times until c. 153 BC. Under calendar reforms with the spread of Christian law March was moved from the first month in a 10 month calendar year to the third month in…

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