The Sacred History Of The Rosicrucians – Pt 5 (Gnosticism and Neoplatonism)

Explore the heritage and importance of Gnosticism and Neoplatonism… in THE SACRED HISTORY OF THE ROSICRUCIANS. This is the fifth episode in a nine part series produced by Adept Initiates founder and researcher Anyextee.   Learn more about the Rosicrucian order, AMORC here

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Secret Teachings From The Manly P Hall Research Library


Secret Teachings From The Manly P Hall Research Library A FIELD TOUR TO THE MANLY P HALL RESEARCH LIBRARY The room was a disaster. Pages of old occult books falling apart from their binder; mail-order manuscripts scattered about the floor; a stack of vintage Rosicrucian Digests lay toppled over in-between a small collection of works…

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Graham Hancock vs Erich vonDaniken Debate LIVE!

THE MAIN EVENT Of all the workshops, panels, seminars and impromptu interviews with the cutting edge minds at Contact in the Desert 2016, one event featuring both Graham Hancock and Erich von Daniken was fit for the history books.  Perhaps it was the discomfort of the heat that added kerosine to the candle of bold…

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